Monday, December 29, 2008

Good Morning

Yes I know (Sis) that I promised pictures, and there will be pictures a bit later. I'm going to try to convince some kids to let me take some pics before I upload my boat load of pics. But I had a moment this morning I wanted to share.

So with both of our kids we have tried to instill good manners, please and thank you really are magic words, altho sometimes Ryan thinks as long as he says please and smiles what ever it is he is asking for he should have...anyway, for a long time, back when we started teaching Rebecca about please and thank you, if she asked for something and forgot to say please we would say "I can't hear you" That was always enough for her, she simply said her request and added please. And then there is Ryan, he really does live in his own world. So my handsome little boy wanted a drink, so this is what I hear.

Ryan: "mommy I want a drink"

Mommy: "I didn't hear you"

Ryan: (said a little louder) "MOMMY I WANT A DRINK"

Mommy: "Ry, I can't hear you"


Mommy: "this is not a volume issue Ry"

after a bit of a pause

Ryan: "oh i forgot, please mommy can i have a drink please."

These are the little things I want to remember...

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