Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I need some fake cheese....

I am all out, and when you are allergic to milk and you want tacos, fake cheese is a must. There is too much snow to head to Jungle Jims where I can get the fake cheese I need, so I guess tacos are out for tonight. Well, I'm not completely out I do have american type slices, but those do not work well on tacos. I guess bbq pork is in order then.

My washing machine was making a strange noise today...a hum, praying it was nothing and not something about to be something major.

I'm going to try reading the Bible in 90 days, which with 12 hour days 2 days a week and an approx hour of reading I may have to tackle it minus the weekends, taking a bit more than 90 days, but it is something I've always wanted to do, and I tried the read the Bible in a year program, but I get sidetracked.

While I'm thinking on my I want to's...also known as goals. let's make a list.

In no particular order

1. Read the Bible through (hopefully in 90 days, but at least this year)
2. Drop about 40 pounds
3. Be more frugal, and live simpler
4. Teach my children a better appreciation for what they have and decrease the consumerism they have. I really dislike the whole gimme gimme syndrome, mixed with I don't have to take care of my stuff you'll just buy me more...sigh it saddens my heart the monsters I've helped create.
5. Be a more involved mama. Plan projects for the kids to increase their creativity and love for using their imaginations.
6. Save $$$$
7. Remove debt
8. Meal Plan and maybe tackle some monthly cooking
9. Blog more
10. Take a picture a day (I'll be posting the pics 1-5 later I'm on the wrong computer)
11.Declutter!! It is true I am a pack rat, and loving all things paper just adds to clutter. There has to be a better way.
12. Stay on top of the daily chores. I know I would enjoy everything more if I didn't feel guilty over all the things I think I should be doing.

Okay, I know there are more things, but I need to get supper.

Have you written down your goals yet? Makes you more likely to follow through with them.

Have a blessed day!

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Jennifer Juniper said...

It sounds like you have a busy year ahead, look how much better you will be once you finish all these resolutions! I think the jar would be such a lovely surprise for your mom :)