Saturday, January 2, 2010


a time to start fresh, make new goals, a new beginning. A time to not focus on past mistakes, mishaps, and failures, but a chance to start again. I am still in the process of making out my goals for 2010, and already have messed up one goal LOL. I was going to post daily M-F, or Tues-Sat (if I worked nights), but I was enjoying time with my kids yesterday and didn't post at all. I think it is great to make goals, and if you don't hit a goal mark you haven't failed. You just need to reset your goal time frame. A goal is a dream with a time limit!

Yesterday, Rebecca and I made Peasant Bread it is yummy and easy. And I just noticed I can't add a photo right now, so I'll figure that out in a bit and add them in. Here is the photo of the bread.

We also made homemade potato chips which Jon said tasted like burnt potatoes, but there were a few that were really good.

My lil girl is still a bit under the weather. Yucky cough, altho this morning there is no fever! YAY!!

So what are your goals for 2010. I think I am going to get my list finished before posting it. I have a running list in my head, but I want to put it on paper. Writing them down always is a great way to start heading toward your goals.

Have a blessed day

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