Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What we're up to Wednesday

We have had a busy week. We went to Holiday World last week Wednesday through Friday. We camped, and spent a couple days in the park. It was a good time. Ryan could ride all the stuff he couldn't ride last time, but soon they both will be took big for the kiddie rides, probably before they are ready to stop riding the kiddie rides.

I didn't take a lot of pictures because on Thursday we did a few rides then spent the day in the water park. And on Friday thanks to my sunburn I didn't carry my bag so i had no place to put the camera.

My girl has some seriously dirty feet, this is what happens when you run around a campground bare foot. There were bumper boats, the mini drop zone, and the turkey whirl. Jon doesn't mind the spin you in circles rides, I on the other hand do not handle spinning very well. So bless my hubby's heart he took the kids on the spinning rides.

Holiday world is ready and prepared for people with food allergies. They have a generic menu that tells about the main food allergies, but each location for food also has a book with the actual ingredients for people like me who need more than just a "it doesn't have milk in it" I like to read it for myself. Milk comes in so many non obvious forms too, that taking the info from someone who doesn't know the ins and outs of it makes me nervous.

Camping was great. I didn't take any photos of that and I'm not sure why. We were on a bit of slope so our bodies ached a bit from trying to not roll down the tent Ha! Roasted marshmallows and smores were delish. I have to say that my chocolate candy bar which of course isn't what anyone else would define as chocolate at all is only so so to just eat, but on a smore it was more than fabulous!!!

Looking forward to more camping in the future, I wasn't sure I would really like camping, as I kinda like indoor plumbing and air conditioning, but it turned out to be just fine. I think that when it is just us too, I will like it even more.

In other things kind of going on this past week, I realized just how grown up my girl is getting.

Here she is on the last day of school...June 2.

And here she is just last week. Only 2 weeks later. Don't mind the mess we were packing and somehow we always destroy the house in the process ha! She and Ryan have both grown about an inch since 3/22/10. Sometimes I want a pause button.

I was sitting at the table and was just struck by how grown up she is looking. I am not the only one noticing it tho, her grammie had said a similar thing a few days before. In another year we are going to be entering the tween years, sigh, and then puberty...heaven help me, and teen years. sigh. Time is moving too fast!

I refuse to borrow trouble, so for now I'm going to enjoy today, take more pictures and make lots of good memories with my kidlings, while they will still let me call them that!!

Hope you have a blessed day.

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