Monday, November 15, 2010

Thanksgiving is in 10 days

and I had such big plans for november...posts daily about what I am thankful for, fun photos, etc...well it didn't happen

Had a stomach bug over the and ewww is all i can say. So far, my family has not had it, we will just keep praying they don't get it!

Rebecca came outside today with the wrong coat on, seems another girl in her class has the same coat, and even tho Rebecca questioned her, the girl denied it was the wrong coat. We did not bring the wrong coat home, we took it back to the classroom, and left it on the chair. I also called the teachers classroom phone to make sure Rebecca gets the right coat tomorrow.

When I took the kids up to my parents for post halloween trick/treating (ok so it was really just to show off their costumes)

we raked up some leaves and let the kids play

they had a great time!

My 5 year old is sitting here next to me reading If you give a Pig a Pancake to me! I am so proud of him!!!

Seems our days have been very busy. I have been reading the book Sabbath by Wayne Mueller. It has been a great reminder to stop and take time to renew. One of the lines in the book says that sometimes illnesses become our sabbath because they force us to stop, and I thought of that as I laid on the couch all day yesterday. It was a day of doing nothing but trying to rest after being very ill. Even today, I sat and crocheted and it was very therapeutic, it didn't turn into anything and I ripped it all out, but it wasn't even disappointing to me, it was a great time of relaxing and reflecting. I find I always feel guilty for not doing something every minute of the day, and I need to remember it is okay to just stop and be.

Hope you have had a blessed day!

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