Thursday, February 24, 2011


my son does or says something that just makes me smile.

This morning he was working on a drawing, which his sister complimented and recognized (this was nice and unusual), he held it so I couldn't see it because he wanted it to be a surprise, but he laid it on the counter and it got wet, he came in holding it, so I said, "is that spiderman" thankful I had heard him tell his sister it was, but he started to cry, he said, "yes, but it got all wet and I can't finish it" I told him I would hang it up to dry and he could finish it after school. He smiled and said, "thanks mama" {smile}

Yesterday, morning I could tell Ryan was being very quiet, and thought he probably wasn't getting ready for school. I asked him, "Ry, are you getting ready for school?"
Ryan said, "oh I forgot, I was looking at the newspaper"

I had to giggle, and he got ready and we made it to school on time.

Then this morning, we were at the school, and he kissed me bye, and says, "my mouth is minty and I don't even have a mint" (he used a mint toothpaste instead of his usual orange flavored one)

Everyday, he brings such sunshine to my life!

Have a blessed day!

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