Wednesday, March 16, 2011

fabric rosettes

So I made cute fabric flowers to go on the skirt I made yesterday.

You will need,
fabric strips (mine were roughly a couple inches wide--I so don't measure)
hot glue gun (you could use needle and thread, but a glue gun is faster!)
pin, headband, barrette, etc.

tear a strip of fabric (rough edges really don't matter) the longer the strip the bigger the flower, I used the width of the fabric

kind of fold the fabric strip in half so only the right side will show, I just folded it and ran my hand over it to make it stay, no ironing or anything that would be too much work (I'm a lazy crafter!)

then pinch one end all together to make the center of the flower, you could tie a knot, I just folded it around.
then start twisting and wrapping the fabric around the center you made

and continue that around until you have the size of flower you want.

when you get to the end leave a enough fabric to be a backing. then put hot glue all over the back of the flower and cover with the end of the fabric

then flip it over and lift up any loose "petals" and glue them down.

then make as many flowers as you like, I used 2 strips of the fabric, and one strip of the denim from the leftover leg.

Once you have the flowers, if you want to make a cluster, or attach them to a headband, glue them down to a piece of felt, then cut away the excess felt.
I chose to attach a pin so we could put it on her skirt, or a shirt, or a cloth headband depending on her mood, girls are fickle ya know!
I covered the middle of the pin with another piece of felt for a more finished look.

Easy peasy! and a fun way to use up some scraps.

Have a blessed day!

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Angela said...

I've been making flowers this week too! I've yet to try this method, but with this easy demonstration, I think I may be able to pull it off! These are really adorable! Nice post =)