Monday, May 2, 2011

It is May already

How fast times seems to be moving.

I have a fresh new hair color, after this last weekend I decided I deserved it! And a new color always makes me feel better. It is a bit darker than I anticipated, but that is okay.

I also must say my skin is very happy. I returned to Mary Kay timewise 3 in 1 cleanser and moisturizer. My skin felt better immediately, but 3 days out it is even better. Looking forward to having decent skin again.

My son wanted his hair spiked should see that! I actually took pictures, but they are still in the camera, and I am at the wrong computer. I even took a profile shot. Need to get that boys hair cut ha!

Seriously tired of rain. I have somethings I want to do in my yard, and all this rain is slowing me down! I know there will be  break soon.

My day is going to be very exciting....dishes, and laundry. I might pass out from the excitement of that! ha!

Have a blessed day!

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