Friday, April 1, 2011

My husband called me fruity!

I don't really talk about it much, just a little here and there, unless you are someone who is like minded, then I'll talk talk talk. Don't roll your eyes, but I'm  green girl. I am not perfect, and have areas that are not so green, but I have "greened" up my life, and our home. Green is very "in" right now, but for me it began not as a love for protecting the earth, nor doing the popular thing. It was born from label reading. I have a dairy allergy, not lactose intolerance, I have an allergy (it really annoys me when people say, "oh so you are lactose intolerant", right after I just said I have a dairy allergy. It is not the same thing, but no I cannot have lactose either!  Anyway, you would be amazed at the things that have milk in them, the other names used for milk, or milk derivatives, and how well it can be hidden. You would also be amazed at the things that contain milk, that you would never suspect.
So label reading was born of necessity. I read every label, even on products I have bought hundreds of times because you never know when they are going to change the ingredients. Well, when you read labels like I do, first of all you get really good at reading them fast, but in your search for the things you can't have, you start to notice all of these strange ingredients you can barely pronounce. I mean, if you have a can of icing go get it, and read the ingredients. Now consider if you were making icing at home, i'll go with butter cream for the sake of ease, the ingredients look like this, butter (or in my case a natural substitute), sugar, water or milk, vanilla. Now look at your label again, sad isn't it. So now, I have a really hard time buying a can of icing, can't say I haven't done it, however it is very rare, as in maybe 1 can in the last year.  So this of course grew into many things.

So that isn't why my husband called me fruity, but the back story helps, I think. I am a reader, I love to read, I read a lot. So it's only natural that I would start reading about other poor ingredients in our foods, which of course led to cleaning products, and then personal products.  I mentioned in my last post that I make a lot of stuff, this is why. I want to know what is in the stuff that I am going to be putting in or on my body.

Still not why he called me fruity. (I'm building a clock here, just work with me). So recently, and I haven't told my husband this, but plastics are concerning me, they are polluting everything, the landfill, the ocean, the wildlife. I mean take a walk down the street and I would venture to say you couldn't go far before finding a piece of plastic of some kind on the ground. So I want to reduce the amount of plastic that comes in our home, and that we use, recycle, or toss in the trash. We were all in need of new toothbrushes, so I did some research as they are made of plastic, to see if we could make a difference. Turns out we can. I found a company called Preserve, there motto, nothing wasted. everything gained. You can visit there site Preserve Products.  They make their toothbrushes from recycled yogurt cups, and they come in a mailing pouch so when you are done, you can mail them back to be recycled.

You can also get them mailed automatically every 3 months, so you don't even have to think about it. No I am not endorsed by this company. Anyway, I wait until my husband has used it to tell him they are recycled and recyclable. So he says, "yeah, we can send them back and they'll have our information and our DNA."  I am certain I rolled my eyes. I said, then I'll boil them before I mail them to be recycled. He says, "well if you can be fruity I can too"  So you see he called me fruity. I am trying to protect our earth, and our health, and I get called fruity. Incidentally, they don't have our info because they come in a postage paid package, all I have to do is tape it closed and drop it in the mail.  He was just being a brat! He likes to do that to me. After all that, he said, "it is different to brush with, but it does a really nice job getting the back teeth."  I agree they are shaped weird, but after using it I liked it. 

(the clock comment, my mom used to tell me, when I ask for the time, don't build me a clock, just tell me the time, I am a talker, so you often get a clock instead of just the time. It is who I am)

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Autumn said...

I think your fruity too, but to me it is one of your best qualities! I am checking out the sight, thanks for doing the research for me. :)