Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Rebecca's Birthday

So I am a bit behind on posting this, but this are Rebecca's birthday photos. We went a bit nontraditional with cookies instead of cake, and she opened her presents first because she wanted too. I figure it was her birthday, why not. She was so excited for her birthday, and crazy happy with all of her gifts. This post is very photo heavy.

Food tables

Food tables another view

Drink and cookie table

candle in the icing pile

cute owl centerpiece

owl cookies. each plate had 2

gift table

kids playing with balloons

Jon and our sweet niece Maddy

opening her first gift.  (from Ryan)

cute little Rebecca BonBon stuff from Kmart This girl loves anything with her name on it

present from mommy and daddy

She couldn't wait to see what we got her. I blinged out her new boom box to make it girly

Gift from A. Julie, U. Matt, Maddy, A. Jennifer U. Jeremy, Jillian and Jacob

she loves fairies

fm A. Debbie, U. Steve, Brynne and Brooke

cute outfit from gma and gpa J. She didn't hold it up

wish she had held up her cute green dress.

reading her card from mamaw/papaw

barbie clothes from grammy and ho ho papaw

cute butterfly shirt from grammy/hohopapaw

let's eat.

Hope you have a blessed day! I am off to my kindergartener's class awards and breakfast.

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