Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A new homework space

So this could be a simple post, but well, I want to tell the story. So with all the homework trouble we had on Tuesday, I wanted to create a space for my girl that would maybe motivate her to stay focused, and get homework done in a more timely manner. I went shopping in my home for a solution. It was literally staring me in the face, but it didn't register for a good bit. When it did it was like a HUGE light bulb moment.

The desk our computer sat on was perfect. I could move my scrapbook table to the computer area, and bring in the old dining table from the garage for my scrapbook/craft area, and everyone would be happy. Sent my hubby a message asking what he thought. He said OK. Which was all I needed to get the ball rolling. I moved a bookshelf in the living room, cleaned off my scrap table, cleaned out the desk, and moved it to the living room. It not only allows my girl to have a homework space, but it doesn't look crowded, and my laptop can have a home other than the kitchen table. In theory, my kitchen table will not need to be over run with laptops, other things that need plugged in, or papers. YAY! I have a place to pay bills, write notes, etc instead of in our dungeon, okay so the basement isn't a dungeon, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE natural light! I don't know why I had never thought of this before.

Thank you Autumn for the idea of a homework area. I think my girl is gonna love this. I know I already do.

Project for next summer, is refinishing it.

Have a blessed day!

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Autumn said...

Oh my goodness. I LOVE IT (the color too. Super Cheery)! I pray it helps. I truly think you will be pleasantly surprised.