Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Menu Planning

So one might think I would be good at this, but I am NOT!  I love to organize, and make lists, and sort and store, and prepare. However, menu planning does not come easy to me. I have this inherent fear that I will plan, and just not want to eat what I have planned and totally waste the time I have spent planning. However, something funny happened. I have made a plan the last couple of weeks, and well it has made my evenings easier. When I plan breakfasts the kids don't whine and carry on because what the plan says is what they will get, and they know that the next day or so they will have something they LOVE. I don't know why I have been so reluctant to plan. Anyway, I was sleeping yesterday  so I didn't get this weeks plan posted, but I plan to on Mondays have my weekly menu posted. I will be posting more recipes as well, that I will then link into the recipe tab, which someday I will organize by type of recipe, but not today.

So if you haven't ever menu planned, even if for a different reason than I didn't menu plan. Try it! It is amazing how a little planning is so freeing!

Monday Chicken and dumplings, mashed potatoes, candied carrots

Tuesday  Sloppy Joes, fries and corn

Wednesday  Soup Night  Corn Chowder, green beans and corn bread

Thursday  pork, potatoes and carrots (this is made in the pressure cooker)

Friday Pizza at the school. It's Homecoming. I don't have to cook YAY!!

Super easy, and now I don't have to wonder at 5 pm what we are going to eat. I can put on my to do list daily any prep work I need to do. Like on Wed evening I'll put the pork steaks in the fridge to thaw for Thurs. supper. If I don't have any pre cooked hamburger, I'll thaw a package and maybe even fry it up if I have a moment or two, I'm all for heating up the kitchen as little as possible. I am also going to try a dessert for the week. Also trying to be mindful of making colorful meals. I want our plates to be visually appealing. Last week I made chicken, potatoes, corn, and biscuits. Our plates were rather monochromatic and boring. So I am making an effort to have a colorful veggie or two.

Have a blessed day!

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