Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Watching for the best price

This post is wordy sorry!

Sure there are lots of sites that tell you where to go for deals, and what coupons to use with what, but frankly it is very costly to my time. I can spend less time watching my local ads, planning ahead for the week, and still save lots of money.  I coupon, but I am not an extreme couponer. I don't cut coupons for stuff we don't use, and I can get good deals without coupons.

Did you know CVS has a "compare to dove" soap that looks like dove, smells like dove, washes like dove.

Last week I talked about the toilet paper at Aldi. No one has noticed the change, the problem with Aldi is that is not in our town, but today in the Family dollar ad they have a 24 pack of Charmin basics big squeeze roll which is 273 or 275 sheets per roll (hard to read in the ad) which is about the same number as the Aldi brand for $10 Now that difference is 2 cents between buying the charmin basics, and the aldi brand, but family dollar is across town instead of out of town. So I will make a trip to Family dollar this week for toilet paper, and if I had a coupon it would make it cheaper than Aldi!  Alas, I didn't clip the charmin coupon because I planned on buying Aldi tp, however I think the coupons are in the recycling bag still in the house, so I will be checking that! And now I know I should clip the charmin coupon even if I don't it because it might be on sale. 

Oh Family dollar also has 15 rolls of bounty paper towel for $10 I don't know how many sheets per roll, but that is about 67 cents a roll.

It helps to know what you have already. I have a decent sized pantry, altho I would say the space isn't used to its full potential, but maybe some day I can change that. I inventoried it a couple weeks ago, and organized. Now because my husband and kids are not going to keep the inventory list up I can quickly go thru and see what has been used because it is organized. So I will take care of making sure we restock missing items. Yay for organization!

Don't be afraid to try store brands. It is rare that the national brand is cheaper than the store brand, and if you are nervous about it, buy one and try it.

You can save a ton of $$ on laundry soap by making your own. Start up cost is $12 which will make 5-10 gallons depending on how much you dilute it down. After you have bucket and supplies, they only thing you need to buy again for several batches is the soap. See my laundry soap recipe for further details under homemade tab at the top. Super cheap, we've been using it for years. I have tried other things at times, but always return to the homemade soap.

Fabric softener is something else you can save on. I use vinegar, but I also have a bottle of gain fabric softener. We have to be careful with fabric softeners because they make us all itch, but I can add 1-2 teaspoon (yes you read that right) into my fabric softener dispenser, fill the remainder with vinegar, and we get a fresh light scent, and soft clothes. Also for dryer sheets I bought gain dryer sheets and cut them into thirds. I use 1/2 a  nonscented dryer sheet for extra static control, but a 1/3 of the scented sheet just smells good.

I don't know if anyone else has noticed this, but I think dawn dishsoap changed their formula. It use to take so little soap to do the dishes, but now it seems it takes a ton to cut grease. I have branched out and tried other brands to save $$. Gain smells nice (no I am not endorsed by Gain) and it is a dollar cheaper for the same amount as dawn, and it lasts longer.

A secret to finding out how long something lasts is write the date you open it on the bottle. Then when you empty it you can figure up very quickly how long something lasts you.

And tho this is totally unrelated look how sweet this is

Ryan and Buckeye

Tomorrow a recipe for Pizza Puffs.

Have a blessed day!

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