Friday, January 27, 2012

Oil Cleansing Method

So this is something I have thought about trying before, but never had. Well, I am going to give it a go. I learned about it who knows where a while ago, but Crunchy Betty and Simple Mom (in my blog list to the left have both done it and talked about it). Basically you cleanse your skin with oil. Now before you think I have gone mad you should know if you don't already,  I love making my own beauty products. I also value knowing what are in the things I use on my skin. I could go into a long explanation but I won't. This is not the place for a soap box, well actually it is the perfect place for one, but I'm not gonna get on my soap box today.
Anyway, my skin has been very dry recently, and rather broken out. This is mildly odd for me and kind of not at the same time. I have never felt like I had good skin, but it just seems to be a bit worse to me recently. I have used many a facial cleanser etc in my day, but recently have been using clean and clear (yikes to those ingredients). Nothing right now has been helping. I even took a cleanse your face with honey challenge altho I didn't stick with it for very long. I clearly am not afraid to try things out. So what you do is mix some oils which I'll list below, massage them into your skin, apply a warm damp cloth to your skin. then wipe away the oil with previously mentioned cloth. I am going to do this once a day at night for now and see what happens. I just did this to see how it worked and my skin feels clean and moisturized and really really soft. I like it!

So what oils do you use, I know you are dying to know. A mix of EVOO or some other carrier oil and castor oil. Now Castor oil smells bad, and if it isn't suppose to smell bad then maybe I need a different bottle, but I don't care for the scent. I may add a drop or so of lavender essential oil once I have determined I am going for this long term.

So if you have dry skin like me you use 3 parts EVOO to 1 part Castor
If you have normal skin you use equal parts Castor and EVOO
if you have oily skin you use 3 parts castor to one part EVOO
 So I know this may or may not work for my skin, and just in the time I've been typing, well and reading because I went and googled OCM and went to Crunchy Betty's site and read on it some more, my skin had become a little dry feeling. I'm just going to try it and see. I'll let you know what happens.

Wish me luck. ha

have a blessed day!

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Tonya said...

you totally crack me up :) this is exactly what I love and admire about you, you are so not afraid to try anything {insert giggle}