Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Friday

I just added 28 new cards to the Cards tab. Just some of the cards I've made in the last few months.

I cannot believe March is here already. I have our St. Patrick's Day decorations up. I need to plan some fun green things for that day!

Pictures of my kiddos.
A recap of this past month.
Rebecca's glasses broke over the weekend, so we got them fixed. She takes IStep next week. I have been sick, there was a wedding (nephew), Rebecca sang at church for the first time, Ryan had his first "play date" Josh and James came over, they had a great time.  I met the mom of Rebecca's best friend from school so we can make some "play date" plans for them.  I quit weight watchers (not to worry I am still working on getting healthy) but the monthly cost could go to something to benefit everyone instead, Ryan was bullied at the playground at the school. Thankful the principal was still at the school and handled it for me. I've been walking. My legs hurt!  I finally got my craft space cleaned up and I am excited to get in there and create something.

Hope we have a great March

Have a Blessed day!

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