Friday, April 13, 2012

There is a birthday coming soon.

Next month my girl will be 9. NINE years old. How did this happen?  We are soon to be entering some tough years. Not a little girl, not a teen (thank goodness). The starting of body changes (please pray for me) and discussions of things I am  not ready to discuss. New products, for smelling fresh, and staying modest.

This is a time when toys are a difficult purchase, as we are entering a new era. We were discussing her birthday and what she would like to have. We were window shopping and she saw something that immediately caught her eye. New bedding for her room. Butterflies and flowers, this theme has lasted, as that is the border that is up, but something a little less "little girl" is what she wants.

She chose this bedding from walmart   (click <---- to see it on a bed)

it matches her already pink and purple walls (YAY) and she thinks it looks more grown up than her current quilt. I can't say that I think it looks more grown up, but I do like it.  What I think is amazing is she said I want this on  my gift list. So I said, you  realize that is like 3 of your gifts as bedding, and she said yes. That seems mature for my almost 9 year old to choose. She then said, "you and daddy can buy me a new bike for my birthday, I need one and I would like that too"   Another mature statement. She does need a new bike, she has outgrown her current one, but she asked for it for her birthday. Not sure if that will be her bday gift, as her brother also needs a new bike, seems a bit unfair to gift hers when I need to get one for Ry as well, but idea behind it I so appreciated. It would seem she is starting to understand that it is okay to ask for things you need or can use versus more of what you already have like barbies  etc.  I am so proud of her.  Turns out someone has already claimed the comforter as a gift option. Rebecca will be thrilled.

On an entirely different note, I purchased new sheets at walmart, white with little black flowers. I think I am going to turn them into a dress for Rebecca as we about slid out of bed they are so slick, and neither one slept well. They are microfiber, and soft to the touch, but slick, it is kind of weird. Cute fabric though, may as well repurpose it. They were inexpensive for sheets and I already threw out the packaging. I had no idea they would be so difficult to sleep on.

Hope you have a blessed day!

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