Monday, August 13, 2012

1st day of school

It is here. The first day of school. They were both ready and very excited.  Both were wearing something new. Rebecca's entire outfit was new, Ryan had on new shorts.

Because a funny face is a requirement
Here they are sporting their new backpacks and lunch boxes as we pretend to head out the door. It was still too early to actually leave.

Here we are heading to school. We chose to walk as the rain had held off, and the traffic at the school is always CRAZY.  Walking was a good idea.

Rebecca has Mrs. Hobbs who used to be a 6th grade teacher. Here is Rebecca next to her cubby. She has a girl in her class named Brooke. We find that funny.

Ryan has Mrs. Gregory who we already love as she was Rebecca's teacher. Here he is at his desk.

It was interesting listening to the kids in the classroom.  Some knew the entire class list. We read over it, but didn't obsess over it. You could tell some kids had gone over and over it. Others were worried about where they would sit, and by whom. Ryan was so easy going.

It was an exciting day.

Now I must start on my to do list. It is time for routine.!

Have a blessed day

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