Friday, August 10, 2012

It's the last week day of Summer Break

How has summer passed by so quickly?  Time rushed by it seems. School starts Monday. I am hoping for a more organized school year.  So do you think that those who constantly strive for organization are the ones who never are? Because that perfectly describes me...always striving, but never reaching. boo hoo. Our afternoons are going to need some structure though, so I am going to have to make a schedule and just do it. 

My girl got to go shopping with her Aunt Tonya. They power shopped, and I'm pretty sure they were both exhausted.  Here is the loot Rebecca got for her birthday shopping trip.

plus she got a little owl wallet that might get snitched by her mama when she isn't looking.  it is super cute!

How super generous is her Aunt?  Super I know! 

In other things, I have a new laundry tip I'll be testing out. If it works you can bet there will be a post on it.  It has to do with those dingy whites and no bleach! 

I had a list of things I wanted to do today, but they were slowed down by my car being in the shop. The passenger front window has been rattling for well over a year, and no one had been able to find the rattle, in fact I wasn't even sure if it was the window that was rattling. It was, and it rattled apart, and the window wouldn't go up properly, just as I got home right before a bad storm...thankfully we pulled the car into the garage, and got it into the shop yesterday. They are to have it fixed this afternoon. It was the regulator, whatever that is. 
My husband spoke evil words "you know we are going to have to start thinking about another vehicle soon" BITE YOUR TONGUE mister. I don't want a car payment! 

Planning on having more regular posts. Once I get my craft room/office put back together and get a table in there, I will be crafting more, so some fun things to come,  

Monday there will be first day of school pictures!!!  I will have 6 and 1/2 hours all to myself!! Alone, quiet, sweet hours. I may take a nap! HA HA HA.

Have a blessed day and weekend.

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