Monday, March 25, 2013

Natural Skin Care and Make Up Products I would repurchase

Good Morning. This is a collab post.  Brianna asked if anyone would like to do a products I would repurchase collab. I thought it sounded like great fun. Although I'm not exactly a "green beauty" blogger, I am very conscience of the ingredients I use on my skin, and in my makeup, and I'm more green than not. Some of the collabs will be videos, some will be blog posts, and some will be both.  Be sure to check them all out by clicking HERE or at the end of this post there is another link

I have for you today several products that I would or have repurchased. I love these kind of posts because I think it really speaks of the products.You aren't going to buy over and over a product you don't like, doesn't do what it says, or doesn't work well. 

I'll start with skincare. I do the oil cleansing method because my skin is so very dry. I use almond and jojoba oil, with a drop of tea tree and/or lavender. I massage it onto my face using my finger tips. I heat a washcloth up with water as hot has I can take it, then lay that on my face. After the cloth has cooled, I wipe away any excess oil, and repeat the process three to four times. I'm left with soft moisturized  clean skin.

I also use either the almond or jojoba oil to remove eye makeup by placing it on a cotton pad, and holding it to my eye, then gently wiping away the eye makeup. I have repurchased all of these items many times. They can be purchased online at places like or, or at a natural food store if you have one.

I know this says it is toothpaste, but I didn't love it as a toothpaste (I will use it as toothpaste tho, but I like my homemade toothpaste better), so I decided to see how else I could use it. The ingredients are great, so I use it as a face mask, and for a spot treatment for blemishes. Now there is menthol/wintergreen so you want to keep it away from your eyes, but it feels really nice. If you have ever used the Queen Helene face mask (which has horrible ingredients), it feels a lot like that on the skin. Apply to the face, leave for 5-10 minutes, then wet a washcloth with warm water, place it on your face, then wipe away the product. Repeat until all of the mask is removed.  I noticed a reduction in pore size immediately, as well as soft fresh feeling skin. I purchased this at a local natural food store, but it also is available online.

 Sunscreen is so very important to skin health. I love the Devita Solar protective moisturizer SPF 30+. I use it daily as my moisturizer, and will be carrying it with me this summer as we are out and about. It is more expensive than picking up something at walmart, but I picked it up on sale, and used a coupon code on, making it about the same cost as one from walmart. There is no fragrance, and it blends away with no residue.

 This Rosewater is something I absolutely LOVE!  I use it after I have applied my foundation/powder to get rid of the powdery look, also to help blend my foundation if it is a little thick somewhere. I randomly spritz it on my face/skin to feel refreshed. It smells like a fresh picked bouquet of roses, which I worried would stir up my allergies, but it does not. My local natural food store carries it, as well as You can also check it out at

 My foundation is from The All Natural Face. I use the cream foundation daily, then set it with the mineral foundation.  I find it helps it last much longer. (and the rosewater helps me not look cakey) The cream is a bit thick, and coverage is medium, but buildable. I use a sponge for the best application, but use a brush for under the eyes, and any blemishes. (I wish the ink didn't bleed on the packaging)

 My eyeliner of choice is by Honey Bee Gardens in Belgian Chocolate. I use this not only for eyeliner, but to fill in my eyebrows too. I use a brush and swipe it over the end of the pencil, the apply to the brows. It is soft, and blendable, but sets and lasts all day. It can be purchased at Honey Bee Gardens, or at the other online places I have mentioned.

I love this blush (still wish the ink wouldn't bleed). I love the color, the texture, the lasting power. It is the perfect shade I think. Available at The All Natural Face. I believe it is also lip safe.

Last, but certainly not least is my Physicians Formula Organic Wear mascara. I have repurchased this more times than I can remember. It lasts, doesn't flake, is buildable, and is available at the drugstore, or Walmart. Mascara is the one item that I put on even if I am wearing no other makeup, unless we are going to Kings Island, or a water park, then why wear make up. I feel like mascara instantly wakes up my face.

Just for comparisons sake. Here is the All Natural Face mascara on one eye and the Physicians Formula on the other. Two coats on both eyes on the top.

Physcians Formula

The All Natural Face

And you should be able to see why I love that mascara so much. 
Be sure to check out all these other bloggers and see what  products they would repurchase.  I'm sure I'll find some new products to try! Thank you Brianna for getting this together. I had a lot of fun!

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Have a blessed day.


Brianna said...

Look at the dent in your ANF cream foundation!!! Yay! I need to pick up a Physician's Formula mascara again - so many people seems to like it. That's so interesting you use the Earthpaste as a mask - I would have never thought to use it like that! Love your choices.

Shoudra Stargleam said...

I love the all natural face cream blush! I can't wait to get more colors. I really want to try the honey bee gardens eyeliners.

Anonymous said...

Just come across your blog thanks to this collab! I've never used any of these products, which is exactly why I was looking forward to seeing what people from other countries choose to repurchase (I'm UK based). I've seen a few other bloggers write such positive reviews on Desert Essence, Earth paste and The All Natural Face, so thinking to look into these items and their availability over here! Great post and lovely to come across your blog. Now following :)

Caitie said...

Great choices! I just started using the ANF cream foundation and I'm really liking it too:) I actually love Earthpaste as toothpaste, but you've got me curious to try it as a face mask now!

mary said...

I see a lot of my own favorites in here! I also am really wanting to try The All Natural Face foundation. Great post!

Eco Beauty Vivi said...

... and I see some products which I really have been eyeing for the longest time like Devita!

Have you tried their Body sunscreen before? Some say that the consistency is even better. I'm wondering which one to buy. :)

EcoChicBeautyDiva said...

Just came across your blog and now following :). Some great faves! Definitely want to try PF mascara in the pink tube. I don't think it's in Canada yet.