Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring break 2013

So if I posted regularly you might wonder where I have been. HaHa.

It was spring break last week and we went a short distance away and had a great time.

We didn't leave until after the weekend because a not nearly as exciting as they made it sound snow storm came through. We got maybe 4 inches at the most. They projected 6-10 inches.

We headed a bit south and stopped in Louisville, KY at the bat factory.

 Ryan is holding Mickey Mantle's baseball bat. He thought that was cool.

 Cool Lego stadium. I forget which stadium it is.

 Joey Votto's face out of legos. COOL!!

 The big bat is cool, and is enlarged to scale replica of Babe Ruth's bat

 This lego picture has the song Take me out to the Ball Game raised on it.  Amazing, and used over 50,000 legos

This giant mitt is made of stone. Ryan was very impressed by it.

After leaving Louisville, we headed to Lexington for the night. Then drove the next day to Slade, KY. To the Red River Gorge.
This is where the natural bridge is.
 This is the balancing rock

 Under the arch. I forgot to take a picture on top of it.

 We walked along the arch, to the right in the picture. That area that looks like a crack, is actually the path to get to the steps to the top of the arch. I'm not kidding. It was maybe a couple feet wide. No time for being claustrophobic in there either. It was single file, and hope no one came toward you. Ha Ha!
Look up from the ground at the bridge.

We stayed in a cabin. The kids loved that. Rebecca reacted to the chlorine in the hot tub. Hoping it was just because it was so strong, and not an issue we have to deal with more, as she loves the water.

On the way home we stopped at the new Jungle Jim's store at East Gate. It is bigger than the original store I think, and had a better selection, or at least easier to find stuff. I love all the produce the most!!

We had a great time. My kiddos are such good travelers. Now if I would just get better at taking pictures.

Have a blessed day!

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Tonya said...

Looks like you had an awesome time!