Thursday, November 7, 2013

Homemade Christmas

So I have started working on gifts for my girl. She requested pants and shorts and shirts for her American Girl dolls. So in front of her I've been working on nightgowns and dresses, but when she's not around I started working on some pants.

I used a pattern I found for free online. It was too small for the doll, and I didn't know that until I had made them up then couldn't get them on over the dolls bootay! ha ha
they are cute, but too small

Pair Number 2 after I added some to the pattern

a little snug, but they do go on. So I reworked the pattern again. (did I mention I don't really know what I'm doing)

Much better. So now I have my own pants pattern, that I know fits the dolls, and I can now make shorts, capris, and pants pretty quickly. My girl will be very excited.

I also had a cut out and sew dress/nightgown pattern from gma. I decided to give that a go too. Turned out ok, but the yoke was just a little small. I traced each piece onto paper as well, so I would have a pattern if I chose to make this again. It wasn't very hard, so I think I may try it.

I also plan to make some skirts as well as matching nightgowns for her and her dolls. I am enjoying the process and she will be thrilled.

Have a blessed day.

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