Friday, January 3, 2014

Food Talk Friday

I have a tip for you today. It's easy, and will save you a lot of money on a very common baking item.
Vanilla Extract!

You can make your own. You only need 2 ingredients, and a container to store it in.

Vodka (the cheap stuff, but at least 80 proof) I hear you can use rum too, but I haven't tried it
Vanilla Beans (I like at least one whole bean per cup of vodka, but I usually add more)

I cut the beans in half, the snip up the center making a V shape. Drop them in the vodka. Let it sit 6-8 weeks and you will have the best Vanilla extract ever!
the jar is full with vodka, the beans sink to the bottom

You can just put the beans down in the Vodka bottle if you like, but I pour mine into large mason jars and use a reusable lid. Then I place them in a paper sack and stick them in a cool dark place (aka my pantry). Occasionally you can give it a shake for fun and to mix it up a bit. I like to see the progress.

I write on the sack so I know when to start using my vanilla
Look at this nice dark vanilla

This is from my first batch
Now for a little number crunch. If you go and buy real vanilla extract at the store (at least in my area) you are looking to spend about $2.00 an ounce. I made 8 cups or 64 ounces today for $17.00. That is a mere $0.26 an ounce. That is a savings of $1.74 per ounce to make it yourself.  I made my first batch of 4 cups November 18, 2011. Yes you read that right 2011. I still have about 1/2 cup left, but started more so I wouldn't be out.  When I finish up the vanilla I'll just drop the beans into the other jars that I have.

I know we just finished up Christmas, but you could get a big head start! This makes a great gift. Bottle it up in a pretty bottle for the baker in your life!

Have a blessed FOCUSed day!

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Anonymous said...

I have just thought about making my own vanilla this week and now that I look around, it is everywhere! I am so going to try it when I get to the store!