Monday, February 3, 2014

Menu Plan Monday

I sat down and made out the menu for the next 2 weeks plus a day! =). Again we are trying out some new recipes.

Each of the recipes have about 6 servings. So by the weekend there should be enough leftovers for us to eat.

M-Shepherds Pie
T_ Bean Burritos
W- Sloppy Tamale Pie
F-Cilantro lime chicken

M-Taco Soup
T-Teriyaki Chicken and Rice
W- Chili
Th-Maple Dijon Chicken
F-BBQ ribs and sweet potatoes
S-Chicken Pot pie

M-Slow cooker Pizza Bake

I am going to be doing some freezer meals in prep for the next 2 weeks. Several of the meals above have recipes designed to make 2 meals. I am hoping that by pre-planning and preparing I can save us a large amount of money at the grocery! I'll have a break down after I go to the grocery of the cost, and shopping list. Recipes we love I will be sharing.

Have a FOCUSed blessed week.

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